8 billion video views.

Per day.

On Facebook alone.

Let that number sink in. The rise of video marketing has been one of the most exciting trends in content marketing. Videos are now the fundamental way to consume content. The most number of eyeballs are drawn to video content. For marketers to reach their audience, they must create content that their audiences are seeking. And videos are the best way to do that!

“Video isn’t just a nice afterthought. It’s a chance to take your marketing strategy into the stratosphere.”

Microsoft’s research states that humans have an 8 second attention span. Given such a short attention span, brands are forced to innovate in conveying their story, and videos provide the best way to emotionally engage with the audience. Through the audio-visual experience, potential customers can experience what the brand really is all about and develop a connect with the brand. It is an incomparable experience compared to a few paragraphs of text!

Engage with your viewers through video storytelling, and they will share it. The more they engage with it, the more time they spend in interacting with the brand. As the audience interaction with the brand increases, over time this engagement converts into sales. For any digital campaign, video forms an essential part that drives the highest engagement.

als bucket challenge

The success stories of videos that have gone viral is nothing short of legendary. Take for instance the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In a short span of one month, the campaign raised USD 98.2 million, as opposed to USD 2.7 million the previous year. Over 2.4 million ice bucket challenge videos were posted on Facebook alone, and they received over 28 million likes, comments and shares.

In 2012, Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull carried out one of the most successful video campaigns. Jumping from the stratosphere at 128,000 feet, breaking the speed of sound, the whole world watched in awe. Through this stunt, Red Bull achieved previously unheard amounts of exposure. The video has been watched over 40 million times till date.

In an age of information overload, videos provide content in an easily digestible format. It is naturally engaging and has a tremendous amount of reach. YouTube alone boasts of over 1 billion users with over 5 billion videos being watched on a daily basis. Along with YouTube, services such as Snapchat and Instagram also provide brands means to reach out to their audiences through video. And of course, there’s Facebook! With Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm now giving preference to videos, video marketing is a must.

Video is no longer just for the top of your funnel. Statistics reveal that videos have a conversation rate of 64%. 70% of people view a brand that has produced interesting video content in a positive light. The number of hours audiences spend consuming content on YouTube is up by 60%. With such statistics, videos are the ideal bait for the perfect catch!

To remain competitive in the digital world, brands need to understand the power of storytelling and videos are the best way to engage with the audience. Be it a big budget advertising campaign, or a short and sweet video, brands need to start embracing the power of video storytelling.

Five years down the line, you might be watching this article, not reading it!