Have you ever wondered which is the best medium to promote movies? It’s digital! Audiences spend most of their time online or on mobile. They act as the primary medium for content consumption. Movies are a social experience that is shared with friends and family. Digital campaigns act as the best extension to this social experience!

Film studios have realized the need to go beyond the traditional marketing of print medium and TV to generate revenues. In the race to the 100 crore box office collection, production houses have begun to adopt sustainable marketing methods using digital platforms. Digital platforms also give production houses a fan base that extends post a movie launch.

Through digital campaigns, production houses intend to create curiosity about their upcoming releases. With its latest release, the Radhika Apte-starrer ‘Phobia’, Eros Now took the digital route in promoting the film. Eros developed a 360-degree interactive campaign to promote the movie. The film revolves around Mehak (Radhika Apte), a young artist who has developed an acute fear of open spaces (agoraphobia) after a sexual assault in her past.

Phobia is not just a regular psychological thriller. Keeping the theme in mind, the marketing team at Eros took an unusual route to promoting the film. They were tasked with devising a radical campaign with strong emphasis given to digital.

The entire campaign has been focused around building a buzz around phobias. Prior to the launch of the trailer, six 30-second “What’s Your Phobia” videos were launched on the Eros Now YouTube channel. These videos addressed different forms of phobia such as Panophobia (fear of unknown) and Mysophobia (fear of germs).

The one-and-half minute trailer was launched post this and has received over 2.3 million views till date. The team at Eros embraced the power of video marketing and took it further by blending in an element of fun too through their next set of videos.

The chopped finger scene in the trailer provided the basis for their next effort. Playing a prank on unsuspecting employees, they were given a prosthetic chopped finger by a security guard and was filmed. The prank video has garnered 50,000 views in just a week!

Taking it a step further, a 360-degree video was launched on YouTube to promote the film.

Understanding the importance of investing in original content, Eros Now shot spine-chilling horror videos to engage with the audience. Eros Now’s social media accounts actively engaged with the audiences through a series of tweets, posters and contests. To blend an element of humor, a series of videos on funny phobias were released too.

Most audiences are extremely web-savvy, and by mixing creativity with technology, the scope is limitless! The power of digital platforms such as Snapchat and YouTube to create awareness cannot be compared to traditional media.

While none of the Indian studios have taken a gigantic leap into digital marketing, Eros Now’s launch plan for Phobia is indicative that film studios are willing to take the digital route.