Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day! Did you forget to wish her?

Mother’s Day presents the perfect opportunity for brands to establish an emotional connect with their audiences. While not every brand managed to pull heartstrings this year, 3 brands did so and captured the attention and hearts of the audiences with great effect!


Mullen Lowe came up with a heartwarming advert this Mother’s Day for JetBlue by turning the frequent frustration of babies crying on board into a reward for their passengers. They achieved the impossible through this stunt. The ad aims to provide some sympathy towards moms who travel with little kids, while making it rewarding for fellow passengers. The “FlyBabies” initiative offered a discount of 25% on their next flight to passengers onboard every time a baby cried. Once 4 babies cried, passengers would receive a free round-trip ticket for their next flight.

While such stunts are not likely to be carried out often, it shows how a frustration can be turned into a rewarding experience.

Client: JetBlue Airways
Title: FlyBabies
Agency: MullenLowe and Mediahub

Mother New York

mother new york

The most influential people in our lives are our mothers. New York-based creative agency Mother New York took this insight to giant billboards this Mother’s Day to bring out a campaign that featured sassy advice from moms. Billboards, posters and small signs such as “I didn’t go nine months without chardonnay for you to hate your job,” and “Be the kind of person your dating profile promises” were plastered around New York.

The team at Mother New York surveyed 150 mothers to develop this campaign. While they not only sourced great material for this campaign, they also “listened” to their employees and gave the following Monday off for their employees.

A bit of positivity, a bit of motherly love and a bit of creativity did a wonderful job at putting a halo effect around this campaign!

Client: Mother New York
Agency: Mother New York


The world’s self-proclaimed “proud sponsor of moms”, Procter & Gamble, continued with their mom-themed advertisements that started out in 2007. In partnership with Wieden+Kennedy, they continue to deliver on their promise with their latest advertisement.

In the newly released campaign “Strong”, P&G pays tribute to moms by acknowledging the loving support of moms behind Olympic athletes. Moms get a shout out for the strength they’ve instilled in their children. As the advert skips past memories of the athletes, it shows how mothers reacted bravely in life-changing situations to fortify these athletes.

It is a sweet reminder to moms and their children how their strength becomes their children’s strength.

Client: P&G
Title: Strong
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy