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The story goes that while the brand Amul was registered in 1957, it took nearly a decade for the campaign to take off. But when it did, it only grew to become a cult. The Amul Girl, the pun-loaded headlines, the quirky commentaries on current events – all made Amul a brand that’s celebrated even today. But behind their every marketing move was a conscious decision to stay relevant and be thought-provoking, and therefore, gain a unique voice.

Here are some reasons why Amul is the most loved brand in India.


Amul’s advertising campaigns are always simple. They don’t squeeze all their product details into a single ad. One character and one line does all the magic for them. The imagery, the communication, the tone of voice – every bit is well thought and articulated to make it simple, engaging and share-worthy.

On the other hand, most brands complicate their communication through innumerable brand guidelines and marketing gimmicks. Eventually, nothing relevant is said in their case. Especially in the age of digital marketing when brands need to drive interesting conversations, they fail and become boring because of their knotty approach.


The Amul Girl and the famous tagline ‘Utterly Butterly Delicious’ have not changed for the last 40 years or so. While many predicted that it’s a harmful thing to do for the brand, Amul only got popular. Their consistency proved to be advantageous, as over a period of time, their unique voice became recognizable. The product soon grew a distinct persona.

Most brands tend to revise their communication a lot, which creates a discord between them and their customers. Although it’s important to be different, at the same time it’s also important to retain an image that people can relate to and connect with. Otherwise the brands will never be able to maintain a personality of their own, and therefore, lose their audience.


Amuls ads are parallel to RK Laxman’s comic strip called The Common Man, which is something people keenly look forward to every day. Amul uses a mix of humour, pun and sarcasm to engage with their audience. This helps them rise above the clutter of boring content that plaques the internet.

Most brands, on the other hand, tend to be serious. Too much seriousness can end up becoming monotonous. Especially in digital marketing where regular engagement is necessary, it helps to explore humour to keep people’s attention. AIB, TVF, Bewakoof are all doing good simply because their use of humour is refreshing to watch.


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Amul ads have always been relevant with the changing times. They comment on everything: current socio-economic events, landmarks in sport, films, controversies – essentially everything that’s trending in the world. This gives them a voice of their own, and a space to communicate their opinion to people in a unique way.

But some brands become stagnant when it comes to content. They talk about irrelevant things and lose people’s attention very early. In the digital marketing age, it’s crucial to be relevant. Which means brands must include current topics in their communication so that more and more people can engage with them.


A tongue-in-cheek approach to advertising has made Amul campaigns a cultural movement of sorts. It has a cult following and that reflects its omnipresence at all places. Which is why today Amul has evolved beyond a product.

Most brands fail to connect simply because their campaigns are weak and narrow-minded. They don’t explore, and therefore, they don’t grow to become something meaningful. To stay relevant in the social media/ digital marketing age, it’s important for brands to be open up to various ideas from various sources, so that they don’t just remain a brand, but become a culture.

Quality and variety

At a time when millions of brands are grappling for attention, Amul’s advertising campaigns stand out for its quality and variety. They have never compromised on their quality. Even today, their each and every campaign strikes the right cord with their audience. Whether it’s the art or the copy, their ads have never been disappointing.

Most brands still haven’t progressed from their age-old advertising techniques. They still spend massively on traditional mediums of advertising, like print media, TV and hoarding, without exploring the digital marketing medium. Today, it’s much easier and logical to communicate digitally. Brands who don’t understand this simple truth, fail to grow.

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